2 wheels & a Frame

by Arpit R

So I’ve reached the stage of engineering where I ll have to submit a proof to my college , and prove em educated creatures that I do deserve a job and to do so I’ll have to do something crazy called “Project”. Seen my seniors suffer and also helped a 4th year fella do his project when I was in the second year , this is just pure pain . The last stage of engineering is super scary , lemme explain how ; gotta do a project then find a job learn a few designing software’s and yes not to forget the main part “Breath” . I’m thinking of developing a two wheeler some sort of hybrid cycle . Yes a cycle ! How u ask , simple : a radical design + improved gearing . Have a design in hand (sketch prototype stage only ) looking out for sponsors & some technical support . The project seems expensive but once developed & designed for the masses I’m sure it ll prove strong . If this interests you pls do contact me hope we pull it !