DID Ford PHOTOSHOP AN ASTON ? , here’s your Output : 2013 Fusion Hybrid

by Arpit R


It sells for $27900 (plus or minus a few $100s)in the US, so that’s 15,34,500INR and I feel its a good buy for us Indians at that price c’mon FORD you know us Indian Consumers well , we infact would not mind paying an extra 5 lakhs over the listed price in the US. Its a Hybrid that’s what we need at this very point of time at least in India look at our fuel prices and show us some sympathy PLEASE ! You have an amazing Unit here in Chennai . Assemble it here or rather manufacture it , this way my PLUS Five lakh plan will work out 😉  + those looks are to die for. Forgot PUDUPET or G.P road ever existed (for readers in Chennai only) for cheap mods on really lame car ignore the posers for once. This car will sell like hot cakes and there is no proper Hybrid segment in INDIA good time to dominate considering your already gettin lucky with your sales figures. Just another random time when you decide to give us a Bonus , PLEASE !

Oh and if any one of you are friends with FORD please let em know :p

they can always contact me on TWITTER . For details scroll down ……to the real end  !