Is this a One Night Stand ?

by Arpit R


I don’t think my level of excitement has come down to its natural state, but here’s a sense of my feelings. What happens when you first experience something which actually means all of the world to you , its like you are hallucinating but you can feel every bit of yourself connecting to that immense power which is actually providing you this sheer pleasure.  She came down to my street with her bright face (yes, the daytime running lights is a standard feature you want on a bike which does 300+kmph ) the rider reved it hard which gave me goosebumbs because this was the first time I’m actually seeing her this close  . I could just not stop staring at her , I was just waiting for her rider to hop off and talk to me about her dynamics . Without wasting much time I rubbed my hands all over her curves, she too like a supermodel walking on the ramp gave me her first wardroad malfunction, yes I twisted the throttle all the way upto 7000rpm which was eternal . I knew I had to take her for a spin give her all what I have. First a photoshoot with her which quite did not work out the way I wanted it to and then her owner offered me a ride which I could not refuse, considering the fact I usually ride small skinny girls(bikes ,refers to 220 pulsar ) this was my first date with a proper celeb, I held her tight turned her on, but guess what she started to play around like a good girl who loves torturing a man to show her inner-self in the first few dates , BUT I had no plans of giving up, gave her what she wanted eventually got her to speak and show. We connected instantly. I opened her throttle she behaved without popping a wheelie I revved her and her acceleration gave me this instant “kick”, which you would probably attain after 9-10 Coronas. I stopped 100m down the lane while the empty street gleamed at me and the BUSA would refuse to turn, her huge turning radius was just not easy to tame. I managed some how turned her got her safely to her owner and gave him a few positive comments about her and I knew she was listening and she wanted more of me and vice versa. So I asked her owner for a longer date took her for a spin . It was like porn but something much better, or you could call it dope, yes I guess that’s perfect. I rode her down the main road passing by 2 temples knowing god is looking at me and the happiness that’s shining bright on my face, I just hope they understand what  I love and who I am, I would refer myself as a petrosexual to God. I opened the throttle and guess what I actually saw a few hot girls, I slowed-down the BUSA only to make the girls feel jealous gave them a stare then realised the parents of those young ladies were giving me a good stare too, an “oops moment”, there well that’s when the 198 bhp figure comes in handy. I twisted my wrist and pierced through the air, slowed down gave her a small cuddle with my legs while riding her, made her dipp by testing her front brakes  😉 . Believe me I could feel her flirting with me. I revved her hard again only to show her the mutual respect. Took her into a pot-hole only to give her that extra feel of everything  hehe ! . And then home straight, revved her again while she spoke to my soul and before we could reach heaven I saw the sight of a person already waiting for me to separate her from my soul. I parked her and I saw a small crowd stand and asking weird questions such as whats her cc, mileage, price etc. Its like those weird 2marks they asked you in your semester exams you never wanted to answer them and they bug you , they just take away all your important time in which you could answer them 16-marks in this case, stare at her understand her curves even more, give her a kiss and wish her for life. I requested the owners to take a pic of me with this supermodel and being generous they did that, and left . :’) I ran to my crib like a kid from school switched on my laptop, connected  to the internet and tweeted right away, “DATE WITH Hayabusa (GSX1300R) WAS AMAZING , RODE HER 😉 .#myqueensizegirlfriend :p “ . I got a few replies my brother then sent me the picture which just added more character to my story posted the pics on twitter and facebook ,voila instant hit. Emailed the pic to my closest and shared my experience. My next tweet had to be “Thanks to my elder brother who promised me a ride #gratitude #hayabusa GSX1300R “ and I really love him now to the core :p . thanks bhaiya once again. So all day I’ve been jumping around with this exotic feeling but I realised something deep at around 10:40ish pm that’s when I met her yesterday(17/06/2012) 24hrs already I believed all what they said about time flying, I actually experienced it for the first time 😥 . its difficult for me to sleep tonight as it was yesterday I’m genuinely missing her. I wish I could have her, take care of her, love her. The only reason I wrote down my feelings is so that they never fade. Shall remember you always my first ever One night stand. I give all credits to my brother, for this amazing bike ride.  This is one feeling which is difficult to express in words, I feel like a person who has witnessed equinox for the longest time period when compared to any other human on this very planet .

will always love you BUSA

-your one night stand partner (Arpit )

<should have posted this on the 17TH OF JUNE 2012, sorry for the delay >