by Arpit R

Now you must be wondering how i’m going to relate this Title with the content here, well the Title was Optional and i have a habit of leaving no options , ok so that’s too much to handle and its 51% fictional  .Im going to talk about personality development and also improving the rate of development of the country but this is essentially only for the readers between age 18-33 ok 35 max ! <40 only if you hate your wife>

So the wisdom starts here without anymore crap: The Initial dream of any financially growing man /women is to buy a decent sedan for him/her to travel and also make a statement , well making statements in our county is priority number One , rite ? So you go to a few dealerships, consult your friends ,tweet about you buying a car, ask the Experts on tv ,refer Automobile Magazines, google enough history about the product and eventually end up buying a car which is super common on the roads (Not Valid for you extreamly rich ppl reading this : you know I love you :] > You take your newly bought car to your friends place / office / relatives crib and snob around plus they give you a few positive comments initially then realize its just a random common every-street has it car ,example time : an educated kid walking on the road(difficult to find one, but I’ll use it ) is not even 10% excited seeing your car eventually you loose its charm & use it only for travelling from point A-B ! how lame is that , also regretting you should have invested in Gold considering the sky rocketing price of it but what happends is that the circle continues. Everyone around you is doing the same .This I feel hampers in your personality, you also tend to loose some un-researched percentage of confidence , worry no further I have a solution . What do you have do next ? ,well for starters you must know how to ride a bike . If the answer to that is YES  , read further or stop ! <go learn how to ride a bike > . Question 2 : Have you ever seen a superbike ? Question 3 : Ever worndered how it feels to ride 1 ? Question 4 : Or own one ?  The point here is Superbikes draw massive attention and they cost almost the same as a decent sedan. Sure your decent sedan protects you in the rain blah blah !! but can it do 280+kmph ? (even if you will never hit above 170kmph , at least its better to say my bike “CAN ” do 280+ and “STFU” the opposition party !) Imagine your riding a superbike ,s ignal goes Red everyone around you is looking at you. With those gleaming eyes on you and your machine it only makes you feel like a million bucks + you’ll  have a feeling of really achieving something in life , believe me I’ve had that situation and its bliss .  This btw will only pump-up your confidence and increase your productivity. In-turn you are already on the road to succes by my standards. Also this will help the Country to develop more of such bike and Force in the Govt. to bring in better roads and improved infrastructure .I don’t see any disadvantages to my theory and I’m sure it will work out. It would also force in the manufacturers of such bikes to localize assembly which is another win situation = reduction in price + bring in the Indian motorcycle manufacturers into the picture they would either do a JV with a another company abroad manyfacturing such bike for a better product line-up or will try to develop better bikes for the consumers , this way I see everyone happy .THE company The Govt. You and Everyone around you .

I hope my contribution helps in your personility development ,thank you for reading .

Oh and if you already own a superbike please do post the pictures here .