Ferrari’s next master piece at the Paris Motor Show

by Arpit R

A post saved in my draft says , “my all time favorite car is the Ferrari Enzo” , now I feel really stupid to not have completed that post . I’m truly excited by the fact Ferrari is bringing back the Enzo (F70 ,as we know it via some websites, NOT IMPORTANT ). Heres a proper understanding of Monocoque for those not deep into cars (via wiki) .Monocoque (/ˈmɒnɵkɒk/ or /ˈmɒnɵkoʊk/) is a construction technique that supports structural load by using an object’s external skin, as opposed to using an internal frame or truss that is then covered with a non-load-bearing skin or coachwork. The term is also used to indicate a form of vehicle construction in which the body and chassis form a single unit. The word monocoque comes from the Greek for single (mono) and French for shell (coque).The technique may also be called structural skin or stressed skin.

Whats special about Ferrari’s new Monocoque is that it will be 20% lighter , Torsional rigidity is increased by 27  percent and beam stiffness is up by 22 percent.  when compared to the previous models , it derivers Carbon-fiber technology from Formula One, sounds very exciting .Even more exciting is Former F1 technical director Rory Byrne, who led the team to 11 F1 world championships, has overseen the project, and says the car’s use of the latest Carbon-Fibre tech will be unrivalled by any other manufacturer. By implication, this suggests Ferrari believes its use of materials is ahead of rivals including McLaren , Porsche, Lambo  ,Jag, Aston etc .

Rory Byrne who has been working on the project since it began two years ago.says  “By using several different types of, including multi-directional and fabric weaves, we are able to open up opportunities to improve the car in every area,”. We can use different forms of Carbon-Fibre according to the loads on areas of the chassis, ensuring strength where we need it, but never more than we need.”. “Optimising this has only been possible in the last few years due to advances in finite element analysis”.

Various weight saving techniques have been used to ensure peak optimum performance , the car integrates the front suspension pickup points in the chassis also the roof of the car is integrated bonding and bolting it to the chassis, the battery compartment will also be incorporated within the structure, which ensure the overall reduction of weight by 70kgs. The expected kerb weight is around 1100kgs and will be featuring a V12 with Ferrari’s HY-KERS technology.  Fuel consumption and emissions have also been reduced by 30 per cent compared to four years ago thanks to work done not only on engines and structural components, but also on aerodynamics, tyres and vehicle sub-systems Expected to develop around 900+ BHP sounds really exciting already ! will this be my next favorite car , “Yes”, in advance . Anything Ferrari will be a favorite .

Here are a few picture I found over the web that explain better :