“Cougar” in my future garage ?

by Arpit R


Its not difficult to find out the car I’m writing about today, the “Whale Tail “spoiler says it all . Considering the country I live in , its very difficult to find a 911 (930) 3.3L Turbo <not that my bank balance supports me to buy one , infact to prove the situation I can’t even afford a decent 1:18 of this very car > I’ve loved the Porsche but not as much as the Ferrari .The Enzo still remains top on “my favorite cars till date”List ,what scares me is the number of Enzo’s that were built , still very low 399+1(charity) and the price ,they have already crossed Moon and heading towards Neptune.Sure is a difficult task to build your own research laboratory, a shuttle that looks as cool as a light cycle used in the movie Tron Legacy and head off to Neptune & return with your favorite car but no harm in trying rite ?  .Then there’s the Poorman’s Supercar : Porsche I love the 911(991) Turbo S <yes , I love turbos > but that’s again off the limit so figured out if I ever move abroad the car I should be targeting is the 911(930) over the 14 years of its production somewhere around 23000 cars were manufactured and I recently saw one listed in a U.K based site for about  49,995pounds . That kinda money is earnable and can be invested but I now need to figure out a way to do it , baffeled by the thought though . The sheer sexyness of the car makes me wanna _______ ! I remember seeing one in Delhi this year on my way to the AutoExpo and god ppl saw me popping my eyes and dropping my jaw ! That to me was half the AutoExpo 2012 rite there for me .


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