Ferrari F150 , the new Beast

by Arpit R


Autocar shows how the F150 is likely to look

Those of you who have read my previous post about Ferrari’s next big beast already know about its new monocoque and its radical engineering , here’s more info bout the car .The new car has over 800 healthy BHPs and weighs around 1100kgs .Code Named F150 guess that’s something to do with the celebration of 150 years of Independence (Italy) is said to be the closest experience to driving a Formula 1 car with a roof that is , this baby ain’t cheap expect upwards of £800,000 . The F150 is based on the track-only car FXX(2005) but shares its roots with the Millechile concept (2007) which was revealed at Ferrari’s 60th anniversary.The Engine is just a beefier version of what we have already seen in the F12 but the F150 also has a electric motor which will develop around 100bhp and will help in improving the cars initial acceleration to 125mph .This will also help the car to reduce its CO2 emissions for further details about the cars monocoque please read my previous post.