BMW 2-series

by Arpit R


Here’s the New BMW 2-series caught testing for the first time , said to be launched in 2014 considering today is 21st of Dec 2012 I guess we’ll only see this if we survive (nothing has happened so far its 2:11AM here in India ).The 2-series is said to replace the 1-series it will follow the roots of the 4-series which is said to replace the 3-series coupe & cabrio.The 2-series shares its design language with the 1-series & the 4-series , it will definitely benefit the overall increased interior space of the new 1-series and as seen in the picture above the test mule has wider front and rear tracks , also the overhang in the rear looks longer, oh and the happy news does not end there for petrosexuals who want more horsepower there will be a M version of the car which will pack more horsepower and will replace the M135i.