American Beasty Muscle

by Arpit R


Its been decades since Indians have been craving for some American muscle rite,  Pamela Anderson kinda muscle …..muscle where it matters the most (whatever that means,excuse me).

The Corvette C6 successor the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray will be on sale end of this summer in the US and the best part is the price of the base model which starts at just $51,995 that’s approx 28,60,000 INR. Isn’t that like actual “value for money”. Oh! you could buy a BMW 3-series pff like that will help .

For the 28,60,000 Lakhs you spend you get 450 BHP heck that’s 6355.55 rupees per bhp and that’s like buying a Nokia Asha phone per bhp ! The StingRay is a bargain sportscar…err….. supercar . It has Porsche 911 performance for the price of half a Porsche 911 (in the USA)

and If you want to chop the top off, set aside an extra $5,000 for the convertible. It starts at $56,995

***Oh , damn I forgot to add the stupid taxes and duties ! :[ <for India  >


But dear Chevy please bring this to India , sincere request.

Love you .