Ayrton Senna teamed up with Akira Toriyama back in 1990, who drew these for the Shonen Jump magazine. 


The Fastest Jag road-legal Ever !


New Jaguar XKR-S GT unveiled at the New York auto show , this is fastest road-going Jaguar ever , sub 7:40 ring lap.Only 30 such exotic examples !

Now for the part I hate the most, owned by an Indian , English heritage & 25 XKR-S GTs for USA , 5 for rest of the world & Nothing official for Indians ! :/


Royal Enfield ThunderBird 500

With #ThunderBird500 trending on twitter (India) the Country knows it better now and because it was trending I really had to share this story which explains why the Royal Enfield BigBird500 is special to me . It was around Feb 2011 when I first received a picture on BBM which said ThunderBird500 I was dancing around seeing the front ¾ pic of her . I knew I had to see her in person so I requested my sources in the Factory for a visit which they agreed too ( lucky me ,rite ! ) entered the developing zone (sorry not allowed to leak out confidential info ) or Area 51 as my “source “ calls it and I was stunned(it would be too much to define , lets just skip that part) ! we spoke about a few things essentially bikes and design , then hit canteen for some awesome food . This was one epic  memory . (skip skip skip – fast forward ) then came AUTO EXPO 2012 where the bike was first displayed publically the response was immense people went gaga over her looks and then there were couple of situations where I saw the bird being tested à manufactured and also being Launched ! that’s one hell-of-a-journey rite ?

The Launch was amazing and I also got a “press-kit” yay me, Dr.Venky(CEO RE) was just brilliant

Here are a few things he said about the bike :

The ThunderBird500 launches exactly after 10years of the first ThunderBird (350cc)

It is a “CATALYST” for the company (also reffering the future models , had the liberty to see them and believe me they are all exciting )

To define the bike in 3 words “ULTIMATE HIGHWAY CRUSIER”

It has the most powerful head lamp (Indian bikes) 55w also fetures a LED ring which helps in focusing  the light better “LIGHT GUIDE”

To make the ride comfortable it fetures 41mm front shockabsorbers

Also is the First Indian Bike to feature Hazard Lights

*these were the few points that caught my attention ! <there’s more>

I visited the Adyar BrandStore to test ride the new ThunderBird500 luckily there was this Matt Black bike available , for starters the riding posture is very relaxed but because it has this split seats configurations riders who are 6 feet or taller will feel the rear seat poking the butt. Also the pillion seat is  small your Girl Friend / wife will complain . The 500CC UCE engine is just epic I was doing 90+Kmph in no time. This sure is one product which would turn heads , I like it a lot. The gearbox makes the ride effortless and considering a 20L fuel tank and a range of over 500kms this truly is THE ULTIMATE HIGHWAY CRUISER , the suspension is pure pleasure but the breaking hmm not sure of that part , it is not something I can write positive about  . Overall if you really want to switch to a new bike and love riding long distances in one go I think the ThunderBird 500 is the only option available in India for starters atleast and seriously with no long waiting periods it’s the BESTBUY Royal Enfield now , this situation will soon change though :p I hope I could test it for a long period but I’m just giving you a gist of my feelings so please don’t depend on my views if I ever get an opportunity to ride it for a long journey I’ll definitely post an in depth review of it again .For now please enjoy this and feel free to ask

questions 🙂 Image

some funny auto…

some funny automotive news , the MD of India Yamaha Motors is Hiroyaki SUZUKI . yes ” SUZUKI “. 😀 what joy YAMAHA ? did you not read the C.V properly ?

“They don’t g…

“They don’t get you like I will my only wish is I die real cause that truth hurts and those lies heal and you can’t sleep thinking that he lies still.” – DRAKE 

“Arranged marr…

“Arranged marriage is such a funny concept..All ur life u are taught not to speak to strangers and suddenly you are asked to sleep with one!!”

SOURCE: somewhere from the Wild World Web